ESPRESSIONI Performing Arts Short Film Festival ||CALL FOR APPLICATION


CALL FOR APPLICATIONS to take part in the 7th edition of “ESPRESSIONI”, videodance festival created by Perypezye Urbane to host a range of videos related to performing arts.

The first stage of this year’s Festival took place at “La Fabbrica del Vapore” in Milan on 11-12 November within the BOARDING PASS Forum dedicated to “Mobility in the world for young artists”, with two projects developed in the context of European mobility: SETTE Project by Collettivo K and RADICI by Paola Ponti (Compagnia Iris) and Stefano Tedioli.

Due to its itinerant formula, the Festival continues with other stages, organized by Collettivo K, Perypezye Urbane and Compagnia Iris and hosted in various festivals and events (some dates are still being defined):

Associazione Culturale I Cantieri, Pavia 22 February 2015
Wam Festival, Faenza July 2015

Crema, Arteateatro Teatro San Domenico  4, 5, 6 Settembre 2015


The selected videos will be shown during one or more stages of the festival.

This year’s theme is Body Space and Identity: a special focus on research that continually leads us to question ourselves, the world around us and our relationship with it. Maximum freedom of expression is left to video-makers.


Participation in the competition is free.

Applications may include:

works produced in the last five years (2010-2015), maximum length 10 min.
works that belong to the following categories: performing art, video art, video research, video dance, video theater.
Each video-maker can submit up to 3 works
Accepted formats are 4: 3 or 16: 9, file extension .mov
For each submitted work candidates must send a mail attaching a photograph of the work in .jpg format/ 300 dpi

To participate in this competition, the following materials must be sent no later than 6 January 2015 to the e-mail address

application form duly completed
legal release
short CV of each artistic collaborator of the project (they must be at least 18 years old)
a link to the proposed video. The original file is not needed.

Alternatively, the material can be sent by mail (at the expense of the sender) to the following address:

Associazione K, Via Solferino, 2 26013 Crema (CR)

In that case you need to create a DVD of the work(s) that will be sent along with all the paperwork filled out correctly.

Submitted works and material will not be returned.


In the evaluation and selection of the material received the commission will take into account the originality of the work and its affinity to the proposed theme; judging unappealably on the basis of artistic, aesthetic and content qualities.

Only works received by the due date and satisfying all the criteria mentioned in this announcement will be evaluated by the committee.


The selected artists will receive confirmation by mail no later than 31 January 2015.

The selected works will be presented in the original version, preferably with subtitles in English or Italian.

Selected artists will be asked to send a version of their work in its original format (4: 3 or 16: 9 with file extension .mov) by 10 February 2015 either:

online (via Dropbox or WeTransfer) to
or by sending at their expense a DVD to: Associazione K Via Solferino, 2 26013 Crema – C-

The selection results will be published on the following websites


Participants agree unconditionally to the use of their personal data for all initiatives related to the competition, in accordance with Italian Law 196/2003 on privacy protection.

Acceptance of competition regulations

Participation in the festival implies the unconditional acceptance of this announcement.

Documents to fill out and send to

Application Form

Legal release – Use of submitted works



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