GOING HOME – Butoh Performance


Butoh Performance

by Maruska Ronchi

                                                       photo: Esteban Pozzuoli

“We take the swampy path to get to the clouds”




Sometimes we have to travel a lot to feel at home again.

Sometimes we find home very far away. Home can be a physical but also spiritual place.

Home is made by meetings, sharing stories, live experience.

Our house is our body, which is also a treasure chest of all our experiences that we carry around,  like the snail its shell.

Inside our body we can find ourselves and then feel at home anywhere.

A personal journey through existence.  A preyer for all refugees in the world.


Pictures in this page by Paolo Ginelli
Going Home  8/09/2016 Civic Museum in Crema – Italy.


Butoh performance   30 minutes

music: From me to you (Sainko), Island of dust (Nick Parkin), Alluvium (Nick Parkin), sounds: Maruska Ronchi e Giordano Costi


Link video:      https://www.youtube.com/Going Home extract

Contact: maruska.ronchi@gmail.com    mob.: +39 3392929352


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This performance is inspired by a period in my life in with I traveled and meditated a lot about concept of “home”, always looking for a place to feel good. And it was also created at the end of a period during which I worked in a foreign children shelter community.

Perhaps in spite of themselves but also luckly for them, they  found a home in this sturcture.

All of us, when we are born, we would be accepted, received. We live with this desire for protection, security, shelter, refuge, but at the same time we are driven by curiosity, by research, by a desire for exploration and discovery.

Created for Butoh Festival in Pontedera organized by Spazio Nu a place of beautiful meetings.